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Over a Cuppa

Musings on Life, Parenthood & Work

The Next Best Present

The Christmas tree lights danced on the face of the sleeping old man, highlighting furrows of age and smudges of sorrow. This was his first year without his wife ... it seemed longer somehow. She always bought the presents, wrapped them with a beautiful bow, and...

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The Back Story is Always More Compelling

A few days ago, I shared a link on Facebook to one of my favourite modern artists - Jason Fitzgerald - and I had a few comments back from people - what do you see in his work? Jason is a client of mine, and I have to admit I am not usually a great modern art fan....

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How Old Do You Feel?

I had an interesting conversation with my dad the other day - he is in his 80's now. But when I asked him how old he felt inside he said, "I am not sure ... about 30 maybe". So I started to ask a whole pile of other people of all ages how old they felt inside. Most...

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A Living Fossil Speaks – The Challenges of Midlife

The other evening, I was speaking at a meeting of 50 or so web designers and web developers in Brisbane. As I stood up and gazed around the darkened room, I saw only one or two people of my vintage in the crowd. The rest were bright-eyed, keen young designers, as yet...

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Start From Wherever You Are

Many people wait for things to be "perfect" before they pursue their dreams and goals. They wait for the perfect conditions, the perfect attitude, and the perfect time of year. They want to achieve their goals ... but the time just isn't right. They wait to take...

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How to Keep Your Soul Working for a Corporation

My head rested on the glass window of the morning train heading into the city - my eyes staring into the distance, looking at nothing in particular. I sighed as I felt the now familiar feeling ... the feeling of my soul being shrink-wrapped. Every morning, on the now...

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Year End Resolutions – David Ault

A few years back I came across this piece by Rev. David Ault. I love the questions he poses and each year ask myself these same questions. Did I express love this year, real love? The kind of love that doesn't announce itself in flashy circumstances or structured...

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End Of An Era – Last Day Of Primary School

Tomorrow my youngest child finishes primary school. No more "little lunches". No more head lice (hopefully). No more one teacher for every subject. Next year we move into one drop off and pick up for both kids (yippee!!!!), a brilliant music program to stretch her...

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What I Wish I Had Known As A Teenager

Last night I spoke at AIM, as part of the Brisbane Business Writers Week. We packed out the auditorium and had a load of fun with very interesting people. I had some requests to share on my blog the advice I had given my girls, as part of the book I wrote for them,...

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What Would You Do Differently In Life?

My dad is 80 and has lived a very full and successful life as a scientist and University Lecturer. But like many kids, until recently I had not had many conversations with my dad about his hopes and dreams for his life when he was growing up. It is funny how we assume...

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Gordo The Once Stray Cat

Gordo was a stray cat ... or to be more precise, a stray kitten. No one can quite remember how this tiny wild kitten came to be in a pet shop in Northern Brisbane, but one day he found himself behind glass looking at all the humans who walked past. He came to trust...

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As Dead As A Silent Movie

This is a tale of two movies. Both outstanding in their own way. Both with lessons for businesses that care to listen. The first movie is Avatar. Last week ourselves and a good proportion of the world decided that Avatar in 3D was a must see movie. If you haven't yet...

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