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How To Adult: The Ingrid Edition

Have you joined the KonMari movement yet? I am now one of “those” people who Origami’s their undies and who goes around patting their belongings looking for a spark of joy (or at least not rampant disgust). Next season’s fashions at our local Vinnies boutique will...

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On Achieving 20-Year Goals

It was late 1998: The type of summer’s day when the song of cicadas are the loudest noises on the planet, and the heat makes every in-breath akin to gulping over-heated coffee. My tiny baby was asleep in the house, and I was using the few hours of her sleep to hit the...

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Lessons Learned from 15 Years in Business

Fifteen years ago, on the 1st of December 2003, I opened the doors to my fledgling small business.  Running a small business wasn’t something I grew up dreaming I would be doing. It isn’t something I discussed with my career counsellor (in my case an ancient nun with...

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What Losing 40kg Taught Me About Change

I shakily raised my arm to push the hostess call button above my airline seat. My face flamed with embarrassment as I squeaked out, “Could I please have a seatbelt extender.” I had spent 10 minutes struggling to get my lap band seatbelt connected, wriggling every...

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Tales from the Shed

My ancient lawnmower grumpily skulked in my garden shed. It hated the sunshine and being removed from the cool dark cave. It hated, even more, being forced to start and did everything in its ageing power not to do any work. First, it was spark plugs, and then the...

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7 Business Lessons from Human Resources

I was not always a small business copywriter and web designer. My first role out of uni was as a Personnel Officer with 500 staff in freshly built retail store in Bateau Bay on the NSW central coast. In that role, I had the dubious honour of sacking Santa the week...

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Getting Unlost & Unstuck

Tears were pricking at the back of my eyes. I was gripping the car’s steering wheel so tightly that it left indentations on my fingers. Waves of panic were threatening to crash dump over my head and force any remaining calmness into the sand. I was a single mum with...

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Love in the Pleats

"You know you don't have to do this mum," said my youngest daughter with her arms around me. "I know .... I want to do this for you," I said with a sad, half-smile as I turned away to begin my long practiced routine. Turn on the iron. Fill it with water. Turn the dial...

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What the Flu Taught Me About Life

This week I have been sick. Not the kind of "sick" snarled by a teenager wearing trousers that show more of their undies than a Victoria's Secret model, but the curled up in a ball and quietly rocking in a ball of misery sick. I mean, who gets the flu in November? It...

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Advice To My Daughter On Her Graduation

Congratulations! Today you graduate from High School. Never again the tree-green uniforms, the piercing bells, the racing helter-skelter to catch the next class. Your life is now different ... the same but very different from everything you have ever known. So I...

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